I’m inspired by all of my clients, but today I am thinking about one in particular. We are only two chapters away from her having what she came for…the book that she always wanted to write. It has been inspiring watching her vision come to life. Her book is deeply personal, unusual, wise and meaningful. And, she didn’t think she could do it.  She was totally afraid and very clear that she didn’t think we would get it done. I just laughed. I know what I know…we were going to get it done! All I can ever do is hope that all of my clients are like her; trusting the process, even when it’s scary.

In just seven months, she went from having an idea to an almost completed manuscript. She’s pretty proud of herself. And she should be. Don’t you just love that feeling of being proud of something you thought was impossible? Can you remember the last time you felt that way?

Now, if my client were here, she would get bashful and say, “It hasn’t been easy.” It’s true. There have been frustrating chapters and late-night emergency calls. But I applaud her for being smart enough to call when she felt like she couldn’t go on. Like a prayer, I said, Just keep writing.  And, she did. When she doubted herself the next time, I would assure her, “There’s always revision.” Which is true for everything we do, want and dream about in life.  There’s always time to do it again and better. All you have to do is trust the process.

My question for you is: Are you coachable? Are you open to the process required to get you closer to what you want? Can you let yourself be vulnerable enough to surrender all that you believe about yourself? Those who are coachable are people who want something and they know exactly what it is. They just need someone to see it with them.

Every time you have said to yourself, “I can’t do it.” Find someone in your life who will assure you that you can. If you can’t find them, call me. Being believed in, pushes us to deliver.

And, as I mentioned in Tuesday’s post,  you will now receive Filling in the Blanks on Fridays only.  Thank you for your supportive and affirming emails about my process change.

Leaving you to always trust the process.