Photo credit: Mattia Ascenzo



I refuse to believe that there’s hatred. I suggest you do the same. What I believe is that there is a lot of fear. Now, we can’t refuse that. The world is scarier than it’s ever been. But what I want you to know is that the hate that is coming out of all of us, is simply fear. We hate covid, we hate crime, we hate those who are of another political affiliation and of course we hate…you know who.

We fear anything that threatens what we have. To be human is to be selfish, really. However, I now  see that when we hate, it’s a closed door. No more to say. We are “right” and “they” are “wrong.” And, that is a heavy load to carry. MLK, Jr. said it first, of course. I heard him then, but I feel it now.

What is making me lighten my load is simply acknowledging that when I allow my “hate” to become fear, it’s something much more useful for my soul. Fear is softer on the mind, heart and lungs. It is also a rigorous emotion, but it opens the door to vulnerability. Hate closes doors and possibilities while fear allows us to admit to ourselves and others that we need something…which is precious understanding. Fear draws me closer, makes me curious and pushes me to ask questions. Hate sends me running the other way, not caring about “them.” That subtle shift in thinking could take our hearts a long way on this difficult road to peace.
As the election draws near and the Bad News gets worse every day, I am making some adjustments. I hope you will, too.

  • I upped my meditation game, adding more time to take head and heart somewhere else. Every single day.
  • I listen to music, religiously, not the Bad News.
  • When I hear of the misdirected fear that is directed at people who look like me, I feel strangely connected; knowing that our fear is our commonality.
  • I seek examples of love and peace and joy everywhere I can.
  • I know for certain that only I can initiate my own healing.
  • I dream and speak of better days. Everyday.
  • I know that hope is all we have.

Leaving you to refuse that which no longer serves you.