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Happy Friday!


And, Happy Birthday to me. I want you to know that my birthday has always been an endlessly indulgent affair. A professional massage, hair and nails done and then a fancy dinner out with lots of wine and champagne. And then, there are the gifts; some surprises and others that I asked for. It was fabulous. And, way too much.


But it’s 2020, so nothing can be the same. In addition to all of the year’s pain, shocks and disappointments, I am currently living in a flood mitigation zone, caused by a pipe that burst in the wall. Masked men (mostly) have traipsed in an out of my house for the past week,  measuring wetness, ripping up my bathroom vanity, taken off the sheetrock from two rooms, leaving me with lots of papers to sign and huge roaring heat driers blasting all over the house. Please don’t forget the plastic doorways everywhere to contain the moisture zones. I will still have my fancy take-out dinner, but without a table or surface to eat it on. We will be eating on the couch in pajamas and warm socks.


And, for all of this, I am eternally grateful and happier than ever before. I survived a treacherous year, my family is all safe and sound from disease, natural disasters and violence. And, to top it all off, a huge box of Vicissitudes books arrived today, just in time for me to sign and for you to finally have the pre-release Sneak Peek that you have been hearing so much about.


I am emotionally exhausted but more thankful than I have ever been. I’m healthy and I’m still here. The beauty of a crisis of this magnitude is that it brings such sweet perspective. Never again, will I feel it is necessary to be materially indulged on my birthday. Just having a birthday is the gift. Sitting here in my war-torn house means that I have a house. Not only that, I will be spending it with my favorite person on earth, (besides my son), and I have a huge box of books waiting for me to sign. What more could I want on a milestone birthday?


I would be doing a great disservice to my awesome Vicissitudes team, if I didn’t share the following information with you. The new Vicissitudes weekly blog will post on Monday evenings at And, I never thought I would utter these words…but here goes: Please follow Vicissitudes on Instagram: @KimGreenAuthor and on Twitter: @VicissitudesKG.  Thank you in advance for following and sharing.


The blog promises to be pretty thought-provoking as I have already identified, several intriguing people who embody change. We can learn so much from those who have such courage to change themselves and those around them. Vicissitudes is a movement of change and acceptance for all. Join us!


Lastly,  I am asking you to remember, Thanksgiving, November 26 is when the Vicissitudes sneak peek begins at Wishing you all a Thanksgiving filled with love and gratitude…even if it is a lot smaller and a lot simpler than before. We are here.


Thank you for all of your excitement and support. I really hope Vicissitudes will make a difference for you and all whom you love.


Love transforms.





p.s. There will be no FITB on Friday, November 27th  See you on Friday, December 4th!