Photo Credit: Chris Lawton



I am experiencing what some call a come to Jesus (CTJ) moment. For all intents and purposes, you, my readers, will play Jesus. Just for a minute.

Ever have that moment when something you are doing just doesn’t feel right?  That is the time to sit down with yourself, discern what makes you feel fulfilled and purposeful and what does not. That is a CTJ moment. In these rugged times where our peace of mind is being put to the test, I realized that I was the one in need of good, truth-telling coach. And, I know a great one.

As I coached myself, the first thing I realized is that writing Filling in the Blanks twice a week is too much for me and for you. The good news is that I proved that I could actually do it and that is where the satisfaction lies. (In fact, my blog entitled Hate, recently was awarded by Writers Digest Magazine)  But, as you can see these harsh often divisive topics became too much for me to handle emotionally and spiritually. I was losing sleep, myself and my peace of mind. I was writing too much, too emotionally and without purpose, other than to soothe myself. In fact, the first thing I ask my writing clients about their own writing is Why are you writing this? It seems, I was not participating in my own program. And, to you, “Jesus,” I apologize.

My why is simple: I write Filling in the Blanks to inspire you to recognize the value of your own voice. I wrote about things that often provoked, in hopes that you would remember that you could use your voice, too. As a coach, I motivate people to use their voice, change their perspective and lose the bad habits that stop them from getting what they want. That’s my why.

The second thing I always ask my writing clients is if they can handle the truth. I strive to tell the truth as much as I need to hear it. So, it came to my attention that my blogs were too long…and sometimes, a little too intense. In fact, I was told that they were not inspiring and even somewhat depressing. I agree. They were depressing me, too. In challenging times, how could I forget that I am here to make you feel better about it, not worse. The good news is that my coaching worked! My CTJ moment helped me see that I need to change directions, which is humbling, challenging and downright liberating. I am back to the business of sourcing my own Inspiration and leading you to yours.

What I want for Filling in the Blanks above all else is to offer (brief) thought-provoking wisdom for you and your life, once a week. If nothing else, I can recognize a good rut when I see one; whether it is a writing rut or a life rut. I can help pull you out with the kind of truth and questioning that will bring you to your own wisdom.  Authenticity, courage and transparency are my heroes. I invite you to find them in yourself.

I ask for your good wishes as I embark on a new direction with FITB. Don’t be afraid of change. It is where possibility lives…