Photo credit: Joshua, Coleman



A big congratulations to Kamala Harris and Mike Pence for being as civil as possible in these painfully uncivil times. I am so grateful to be alive to witness Kamala’s historic presence and even more grateful that so many little girls around the globe will benefit from knowing that she is proof that there is a place in the world for their greatness.


In the past, (you know, the old me) I would spend countless hours trying to figure out the whys and who’s and what happened to America?!!*$%. I’d rail against or sometimes weep about the political hell that our government has morphed into. This kind of sadness and angst made my brain throb. I even reached out to my family, creating some of the most interesting conversations that we’d ever had. “What would you do if you were president?” was the question and it was so interesting to see them both gain a new confidence in articulating themselves and what the country needs, even if we were just pretending. All of us had a lot of good ideas about what we would do. Sadly, none of us will be able to have the world the way we want it. So, we must pick and choose.


The new me tries hard to not engage in this thankless and exhausting exercise of trying to understand all that doesn’t make sense. It hurts too much. This period of all the world’s history is just a glitch in the karmic system. What I’ve discovered is that looking inside brings me my own good news, despite all of the Bad News.  All of this thinking brought me to the season at hand. It is now time to consider the strange and restrained Christmas that awaits. And with that, for me, that means preparing my holiday gifts and cards.


For those of you who are already clients, you are hopefully expecting my annual holiday gift, which is just my small way to thank you for your trust. This year, I’ve racked my brain and finally have  decided on a gift, but more importantly, the message for the card.  As I found myself stumped, not knowing what to say to a beleaguered people that we have all become…suddenly, my heart gave me the sentiment: Wishing you passions and peace.


Because this phrase came to me and won’t leave, I wanted to say it to you all, now. Passions and peace are my deepest wish for you. The small things that bring us joy can and will save us. I hope that you all will find peace in yourself and still have the energy for your passions. Whether it is music, art, writing, cooking, raising your kids, caring for your loved ones, yoga, running or taking naps underneath your favorite tree, if it gives you peace, it is a passion. You are in the right place.

(Let me know what your passion is!)


Well, we have 25 days to go and I hope that one of your passions is being a voter. It is your small chance to say, “I am here,” in a time when we can easily forget that anyone sees us.  And, whatever the outcome, I assure you, we will survive because “they” can’t save us. Only we can save ourselves.  The countdown begins.


Wishing you peace and passions.