Anti-Racism Ally Coaching

If you are ready to do the soul work of anti-racism, I want to give you a safe space to expand your mind and your heart. Coaching is about creating awareness of things that have stopped you from flourishing in your life.
I feel the pain of so many non-POC people struggling as they try to navigate their hearts during these devastating times. For those of you who are ready to care and heal, but don’t know whom to trust, where to begin or what to say, this is your opportunity. This is a chance to face the things that will free you to live with an open heart.

The Five Week Curriculum:

Orientation –  Letter of intention due. Background, questions, assignments, etc…
Sessions to include:
1.     Release the Past– An opportunity to discuss your feelings about race: realizations, fears, shame, hopes
2.     Check Your Belief System – Using the PIA (Personal Inclusion Assessment)  – we will assess where you are and determine what you want to achieve in your own inclusivity efforts
3.     Get Into Action – Assessing your life from a racially inclusive standpoint, learn how to cultivate relationships, learn how and why to reconcile past incidents, ending relationships with non-inclusive people or learn to enroll them
4.     Experience the Freedom of Inclusion – Articulating changes in attitude, Creating a Pact with yourself and your community for moving forward. Reviewing terms, final questions, finding places that need your ally ship, now

If you are ready to do the soul work required to be an Anti-Racism Ally, thank you for your courage and open heart

I’m Ready