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Those who are close to me say, I’ve been coaching for my whole life. They may be right. With a driving need to find the truth in every area of my life, it has been a personal mission for me and those I care about. For me, truth doesn’t simply mean revealing yourself, it means unveiling the areas of your life that stop you from the outcomes that you desire. As a credentialed life coach, I have been expertly trained to ask the questions that inspire clients to look within to find their own truths and go beyond them to create all that is possible.

My coaching for Writers Program is designed to fit into your existing life. It includes extensive one-on-one access to me for supportguidance and full accountability for helping you get to The End. From me, you will receive a weekly read of the work that you have completed. My comments will ask questions for clarityoffer guidance and congratulate your excellence, which will support you on moving forward for the next week. My weekly comments will be context, tone and plot-focused. For non-fiction works, comments will be about formatflowclarity and tone. Working within a time frame that you set, together we will forge ahead to get what you came for –  a completed manuscript!

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  • I’ve planned for years to put together a book of my hospice stories; Kim came along and we connected. She is open and informative; her questions challenging and provoking. I have learned a lot from her.

    R. Neilan

  • After working with Kim for the past 11 weeks, I feel an awakening in my soul.  Her professional coaching is serving as a vehicle to help me explore places within my story more deeply.  Kim's guidance  is bringing life to my memoir and is proving to be exactly what I need to help me articulate and understand how my life experiences have shaped me.

    S. Willis

  • "Kim Green​ is an amazing coach, support, and motivator for me throughout this entire process​ of writing my first book​. Much of my overthinking transformed into surprise at how creative I​ am​ as well as the unexpected emotions I've expressed in my writing. ​Writing has allowed me to heal​...​ I'm grateful for Kim and I highly recommend working with her to make your writing dreams come true.​"

    P. Charles

  • “Working with Kim Green as a writing coach was a wonderful experience for me. She helped me get through an intellectual block I’ve had for years and was great at orchestrating our group.  Best of all, she genuinely cared about my work and me as a person. Kim inspired me, instilled confidence in my abilities, and was good at encouraging and refining all of us in the group. I really appreciate her as a coach and as a person and would highly recommend working with her. It was an A+ Five-star experience!”

    G. Jacoby

  • “Kim praised my successes, evaluated my weaknesses, pointed out my blindspots, and gave me assignments to address them. Her helpfulness included anything related to writing. She has a sincere willingness to do anything she can to help.”

    S. Sherrill

  • “Strategic planning reaches new heights with Kim’s coaching. She really knows how to organize the writing material. She sculpts the rough draft edges into a smooth, user-friendly work of art. With her expertise, I was able to make a good piece of writing into a masterpiece!”

    Dr. Deborah Chance

  • “Kim Green has been a savior, a north star and a friend through the process of writing my very first book. Meeting with Kim every single week has given me structure, helped me to see new perspectives and support me in finding my voice…She encourages me when I feel like I can’t go any further. She’s there to remind me that what I’m doing is important to the world and she’s been someone to rely on as I do this important life work. I will be eternally grateful to Kim for her patience, her humor and her mind.”

    A. Arthur

  • “Kim Green is an accomplished writer instructor and "author whisperer." By reading and evaluating my manuscript, she was able to quickly understand my inner-most aspirations and add value and depth to what I hoped to achieve...Kim met scheduled deadlines and exceeded my expectations by engaging in detailed and frank discussions about how to improve and enhance my book. A word of caution...authors who are thin-skinned or prefer less-than-honest analysis and evaluation of their work should avoid engaging Kim Green. Only writers who aspire to perfect and improve their work should seek the services of this talented and amazing professional!”

    M. Thurmond

  • “As a novice writer, I signed up to work with Kim expecting I would learn some basic writing strategies (grammar, story structures, etc.). I was completely blown away when I found that Kim offers so much more! Kim pushed me to explore my own identity, my identity as a writer, and the stories I believed most needed to be told. She inspired a passion in me for writing that I didn’t think was possible. I highly recommend that writers – new and seasoned – partner up with Kim to benefit from the treasure trove of resources she has to offer.”

    S. Kumar

  • “Kim Green will give you the literary and motivational tools to turn blank pages into a complete story. Working with her, I learned to organize my novel, streamline my writing, and place emphasis on what matters. Drawing from an impressive literary background, Kim Green will help you infuse your writing with fresh ideas and a broad vision. She’ll help you find the words that are escaping you and will help you overcome any nagging writing blocks you may encounter. The expert assistance of Kim Green has been unforgettable for me.”

    J. Kelley, MD

  • “I am extremely grateful for the experience of working with Kim. She moved me from a blank page to a working outline and draft memoir. She offered me exactly what I needed to get me moving forward: professional guidance to highlight what in my 75 years of experiences holds the most valuable insights for future readers. She then helped organize a presentation most likely to gain the notice of Book agents and publishers. Time spent working with her was a great value to me.”

    Gay McDougall

  • “Kim Green inspired me to dig deeper. She pushed and pulled out the best I had to give. A wonderful mentor, collaborator, and coach, Kim has mastered the art of it all. I will continue to work with Kim on upcoming projects and confidently recommend her.”

    M. Greenberg, Author

  • “If you are serious about bringing your book from ideas in your head to actual words on the page, do yourself a favor, and hire Kim as your writing coach. What once seemed like a far-fetched fairy tale, has become my reality and I can now call myself a writer. I could not have gotten this far in the writing process without her excellent coaching and writing abilities. ”

    S. Jacobs

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Join a Group

Group Coaching is an excellent way to start your writing endeavor. It is designed for writers who are just getting started and don’t want to take on too much. Working with a group can take the “intensity” off a one-on-one coaching experience and add some much-needed levity.  For two months, group coaching clients take advantage of an individual 60-minute orientation call and then join a weekly call via zoom.  As a group, we will address common challenges, themes and discuss solutions. Group coaching clients enjoy the support of a much-needed community of peers.  With my support, participation in the group will help you discover your personal style, while mapping out a comfortable writing regimen so you can dive right in. Over the course of the three-month period, writers will begin to write regularly, confidently and prolifically.  This group structure has been designed for writers to make mistakes, learn from others, clarify your vision and hone skills. This program requires a statement of intent, which will allow me to identify how to best address your needs and concerns.