Kim Green Book Cover
Painting: D. Lammie-Hanson
Jim deBarros, Cover Design
Xavier Guerra – Colorization



We made it!

It seems a list, a prayer and a vote can make good things happen. As the tumultuous and unforgettable 2020 comes to a much-needed end, I am elated to share with you that my novel, Vicissitudes, is ready! As promised, there will be a sneak peek sale (an early opportunity) to get a signed copy. The sale will start on Thanksgiving Day, because I am so enormously thankful for all of you.

I am fortunate to work with a publisher who really loves and understands my book. He has put together an amazing team that is busy putting together a social media campaign that will include a new blog, also called Vicissitudes, which will talk about the book as well as the intricacies and nuances of change. The goal for the blog is to eventually become a podcast. The blog will explore provocative ideas from the book, as well as allow me to conduct brief interviews with people who deserve recognition as the change agents they are in their own lives and in the world.  I am in the process of lining up some fascinating people who all embody the power and necessity of change.

Vicissitudes is a modern-day romance that actually asks us to re-imagine love and sex in this brave new world. What do we gain by embracing change and what do we lose? Although the world has always caused a generation to be braver than the one before, it seems that at this present moment, many of us are as resistant to change, as we were 50 years ago. Why is that? What happened?

Vicissitudes gently asks us to explore our own feelings about change as the various struggles are illustrated in the characters. Vicissitudes hopes to engage you and open your heart.  It is my greatest hope that you will see parts of yourself in every character and discover for yourself that, “Love is all there is.” Which happens to be the very first line of Vicissitudes.

The Holiday Sneak Peek sale is designed to get Vicissitudes into your hands as soon as possible and also to add it to your holiday shopping lists. Your support of Vicissitudes means everything to me. Please remember that this is unchartered territory –  releasing a book in a pandemic is an unimaginable task. I must be creative, resilient and resourceful. Thank you for considering it as a gift for all of the booklovers in your life. It promises to stimulate some meaningful conversations.

You will be able to order Vicissitudes on Thanksgiving Day, November 26th, 2020 until supplies last. The Sneak Peek, is only available at until the official release in February.  

We all hung in there and positive change is finally coming our way, thanks to you. I thank you.  Please, thank each other. 2021 here we come! At last.