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Happy Friday!

I finally have a published book AND a pandemic to contend with! What does a writer do now?

Shackled by social distancing protocols, this is the question that I face as I embark on sharing Vicissitudes. Reluctantly, I’ll thank Covid-19 for forcing me to be more creative than ever before. We have all had to re-set, re-adjust and re-imagine. So, when I think of the fact that I have already done the hardest part, (I have written the damned book!) I have to remember that people need people and, ladies and gentlemen…I need you. Hope is not lost; it has just been re-invented. I am still here and you are, too. And for that alone, I remain grateful. So, the take away is when there are obstacles in front of us, we must go around them.

So, after so many years of dreaming of the day that I’d take Vicissitudes on the road, I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would be planning a virtual book reading. But it has come to this.

So, I am cordially inviting you to my virtual book launch reading event in January. Look out for a special invitation in the coming weeks with date, time and link. Don’t worry, you won’t have to dress up. I so look forward to being with you. It promises to be a provocative evening with a couple of interesting departures from a traditional reading.


PS: Don’t forget to share Vicissitudes with your friends and family. It makes a great holiday gift.  If you haven’t already purchased your copies of Vicissitudes, please do! It is available at What I will love most about being with you is that together we will talk about the transformative power of love.