At first, my feminist hackles raised when I walked in on “the nasty.” Not literally, silly! I was listening to the radio in my car, as I always do and then I hear these words: “I can be aggressive. I can be a savage, I just need your blessing.” The song is, “When we.” The artist is Tank.

This is a bit of a confession. After getting over my initial shock, I have become obsessed with Tank. This is not love. It is pure unadulterated lust. Just how he wants it. Tank is not something I have ever discussed with another living soul. It’s been quite a personal thing to admit, especially to myself. I tried to write it off as just another throwaway oversexualized song of which there are way too many. And then, after hearing it for the 100th time, he sank into me.

Each time I hear it, I turn it up a little louder. His voice is real, not manufactured. His range is impressive, every word controlled. The song haunts me in my spare time. It takes me out of my thoughts, blurs the words on my screen, makes me imagine. This is not your regular “lick you up” overproduced R&B teenybopper tease, it is what pure untethered sex should be. It is the first song, I have ever heard that is solely about the joy of “F*ck*ng. It calls it what it is.(not the radio version, but the uncut video version.) It’s “out there,” but so beautifully articulated.

This song makes you think about carnal matters in a whole new way. It is the tryst that the imagination craves, if I’d just let it. Tank has unearthed my most secret places. Places that I haven’t visited in a while…Tank knows what I don’t want to admit. “You love it when I go there…” And he’s right. Check it out. I dare you.
Used in a sentence: “To surrender yourself is truly intimate.”