Why I Love
What I Do

My favorite part of my work is witnessing the magic of transformation through improved communication.

I am honored by the trust that my clients have in me. My greatest offerings are my vast knowledge and experience in Creative Services, Writing, Coaching, Publishing, and above all Truth-telling. I pride myself on being a wellspring of compassion and restoring confidence to those who are ready to surrender to the process of growth, so that they can accomplish all that they desire.

I offer
new ways of thinking

As a former entertainment journalist, I have been trained to ask the right questions so that clients can face the core of what they truly want for their books as well as for their lives. I offer new ways of thinking. And I am sure that my clients value my confidentiality, integrity, rigor and partnership. As a coach, I bring the structure and a new shot at lost accountability that may have formerly been consumed by…excuses, naysayers, self-doubt, family…in other words, life.

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Kim Green inspired me to dig deeper. She pushed and pulled out the best I had to give. A wonderful mentor, collaborator, and coach, Kim has mastered the art of it all. I will continue to work with Kim on upcoming projects and confidently recommend her.

M. Greenberg

I work with…

…individuals in need of the right words and creative solutions.

tentative writers who have a book inside them that is ready to blossom.

accomplished authors who need accountability and fresh eyes on their work.

humans who feels defeated and too far away from their dreams.

small businesses that want to realign their employees with their mission and vision for the company.

…companies who want to launch a new internal communication tool and don’t know where to begin.

I work with those seeking transformation.

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