Kim Green will give you the literary and motivational tools to turn blank pages into a complete story. Working with her, I learned to organize my novel, streamline my writing, and place emphasis on what matters. Drawing from an impressive literary background, Kim Green will help you infuse your writing with fresh ideas and a broad vision. She’ll help you find the words that are escaping you and will help you overcome any nagging writing blocks you may encounter. The expert assistance of Kim Green has been unforgettable for me.

J. Kelley, MD
If you are serious about bringing your book from ideas in your head to actual words on the page, do yourself a favor, and hire Kim as your writing coach. What once seemed like a far-fetched fairy tale, has become my reality and I can now call myself a writer. I could not have gotten this far in the writing process without her excellent coaching and writing abilities.

S. Jacobs
Kim did a superlative job pulling out the creativity in me allowing me to give life and personality to the subjects in my book and the book itself. She also was very effective in helping me build confidence in my writing abilities by highlighting the attributes of my writing while also providing good advice on how to bring my writing to life. I would highly recommend Kim to the seasoned writer in providing different and creative perspectives, as well as to the beginner writer like myself.

J. Harris, Esq.
Kim Green epitomizes the encouraging, supportive, and motivating writing coach who tirelessly strives to get results. Taking her course was like entering a fruit orchard to pick fruits until the basket was full of colors.

K. T.
Being connected to Kim Green was a Godsend. She’s an incredible writer and editor…the way she was able to grow my thoughts and ideas is exactly what my book needed. Her talent is through the roof and she still manages to be the most professional and humble person in the room. I’m forever grateful for her.

JR McKee
I was able to reach my first goal in just 10 weeks. Kim listened to my concerns and goals and helped me create a clear action plan. She also gave me honest feedback and constructive advice on how to improve my skills. At the end, we all are a little better because of Kim; better writers, better human beings. If you are looking for a mentor who can help give life to the ideas in your mind and express them on paper, I highly recommend Kim. You won’t regret it!

L. Surya
Working with Kim Green has been a transformational experience. She has given me key insights into the creation of stories. Kim was able to shine a light on my blind spots and gave expert criticism that helped me refine my finished product as well as improve my skills. Today I move forward with confidence that the path of a writer is one that I wholeheartedly wish to pursue thanks to Kim’s help.

S. Rivera
For the last ten weeks I have worked with Kim Green on my novel. I have accomplished more than in the last ten years on my own...Kim asked important questions about character and scene development. We discussed the storyline and the essence of each chapter and how it fits with the big picture. I decided to make the investment to complete my novel with Kim. She is invested in my success.

Kim Green is an accomplished writer, instructor and "author whisperer." By reading and evaluating my manuscript, she was able to quickly understand my inner-most aspirations and add value and depth to what I hoped to achieve...Kim exceeded my expectations by engaging in detailed and frank discussions about how to improve and enhance my book. Only writers who aspire to perfect and improve their work should seek the services of this talented and amazing lady!

M. Thurmond
Kim pushed me to explore my own identity, my identity as a writer, and the stories I believed most needed to be told. She inspired a passion in me for writing that I didn't think was possible. I highly recommend that writers - new and seasoned - partner up with Kim to benefit from the treasure trove of resources she has to offer.
S. Kumar
I was looking for a writer with experience to capture and read between the lines of the story of my life. Kim Green is a remarkable writer who penned my life story beyond my expectations. I would highly recommend Kim Green to anyone - she is a delight to work with.

D. Kartsonakis
Kim Green is an amazing coach, support, and motivator for me throughout this entire process. I’ve been surprise at how creative I've been as well as the unexpected emotions I've expressed in my writing. It's allowed me to heal... I'm grateful for Kim and I highly recommend working with her to make your writing dreams come true.

P. Charles
Kim understands writing and the creative process and knows exactly how to give the right amount of encouragement and pressure to put the fire under my ass to actually get things done, and the right kind of feedback to get things done right. For the first time in my life, I feel completely confident that I am not only going to finish writing my novel but that it is going to be worth reading. If you are serious about your writing, I cannot recommend Kim highly enough.

T. Pixley
I am extremely grateful for the experience of working with Kim. She moved me from a blank page to a working outline and draft of my memoir. She offered me exactly what I needed to get me moving forward: professional guidance to highlight what in my 75 years of experiences holds the most valuable insights for future readers. She is warm and easy to talk with about what you need and want to accomplish. Time spent working with her was a great value to me.

G. McDougall
When I approached Kim with my idea for a story, her level of excitement mirrored my own. Without Kim's weekly guidance and accountability, I would have meandered through my own twisted words long enough to give up. Instead, she mentored me into using fiction as a way to break free from the constraints holding me back and how to say a lot with only a little. I look forward to continuing my writing journey with Kim’s enlightenment and reflection.
S. Bohanon