I am Your strategic
communications partner

If you feel that your business has been silenced by multiple communication mediums and outlets, you may be panicking. And in panic mode, you may rush to lay-off staff, or re-design your website, or even get new staff uniforms. I suspect that often those measures may not make the difference that you need. If you are wondering what’s missing, the answer could be impactful communications.

Are you so busy producing your products and selling them that you forget what your business is really all about? You may even be unaware that you are getting lost in a crowded and competitive marketplace simply because your message has lost its edge. Have you considered the people on your staff who deliver your product to the public? When there is a lack of morale inside your company, it shows in lackadaisical customer service, low morale, and eventually fewer customers. In the current (overload of) information age, no matter the medium, your words and messaging are the key to your success.

My communication services are as broad as they are specific. I want to be your strategic communications partner who is ready to assist in developing the right messaging that can change your business. Whether it is writing a clever tagline for your product, developing an internal newsletter for your staff, writing a new blog for your company, writing speeches for your executives, conceiving an appropriate community outreach initiative, or facilitating a communication workshop, I am here for all of your communication needs.

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Thank you, Kim for your focus, constant inspiration, and continuing guidance. Our amazing Law Fellows learned and appreciated all that you provide to us and our students. We’re so grateful and fortunate to work with you.

C. Massey
Sorenson Center for International Peace and Justice

communication services

  • Marketing content
  • Copywriting
  • Editing
  • Vision and Mission statements
  • Vision and Mission statement virtual workshops
  • Writing workshops
  • Executive Speeches
  • Conception of original creative concepts and campaigns
  • PSAs, commercial scripts
  • Website content
  • Newsletter content
  • Ghost blogging
  • Personal correspondence
  • Whatever is missing from your communication mix