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Sometimes taking a creative risk requires being surrounded by other like-minded people. My Introduction to Coaching is an 11-week experience that allows writers who are clear about their genre to come together with others who share the same approach, concerns, and fears that you do.

The 11-week program includes an orientation, 4 weeks of fundamental learning on working in your genre-specific genre (Fiction, Memoir and Non-Fiction) and six one-on-one sessions to help you develop your chapter-writing mojo and is $1,500. I will provide the information, writing exercises and an enthusiastic hand to get you on your way to writing fluidly and prolifically.

And because I am committed to Making It Happen, all group participants will be invited to finish their book in a reduced 6-month extension. Call to ask about your participation in the next group that will get your book to The End. Click here to ask about joining the next group. Click here to learn about individual coaching.

Group Coaching
happens three times a year

2024 Groups Forming now

January – Fiction – Planning for 2025
April – Memoir – In Session
September – Non-Fiction Forming now

3 Secrets and Truths
to help finish your book

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Working with Kim Green as a writing coach was a wonderful experience. She was great at orchestrating our group and best of all, she genuinely cared about my work and me as a person. Kim inspired me, instilled confidence in my abilities, and was good at encouraging and refining all of us. I really appreciate her as a coach and as a person and would highly recommend working with her. It was an A+ Five-star experience!

J. Gordon

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