Writers are brave souls, undressing themselves for all to witness. Writing is a choice that often involves cheerleading, cajoling, praying, crying, begging, and releasing all of your fears. Writing is a pathway to self, and I want to be the light that illuminates your path. Being coached is a way to banish self-limiting beliefs and add rigorous accountability to a writer’s life so that you can meet your goals which is completing your book and that is what we will do, if you are serious.

As an entertainment journalist, ghostwriter, and coach, my listening skills have been beautifully honed. I am masterful at listening to you, your intention, raw ideas, and vision, and guiding you to make it come to life for you and your readers.

Depending on where you are on your journey, Blank Page Consulting offers 9, 12 and 18-month experiences that allow you the time you need to learn and experiment with the fundamental skills of writing a book. In the initial weeks, you will be able to immerse yourself in your chosen genre: fiction, memoir, and non-fiction. Your chosen experience will give you the time you need to explore your concept, finalize your outline, concretize your direction and then dive into the choppy waters of crafting your chapters.

Each individual coaching experience for writers allows ample time for completing the manuscript, revising all chapters for a second pass, and then having your manuscript professionally edited and proofread. After your manuscript is complete, my team can help in the areas of cover art conception and design, full production for self-published authors, or steps for seeking an agent for those who seek traditional publishing.

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I wanted a space that would inspire me to stay focused and help me re-envision my book for women. I have found the 1-1 sessions to be motivating, action-oriented, and offer a fresh viewpoint. Kim’s thoughts, support, proofreads and edits on each chapter every week, keep me moving through my outline and inspired to complete another step on my journey to complete my manuscript. I would highly recommend Kim’s writers group and 1-1 coaching!

K. Hansen, PhD, LPC


Writer’s Coaching

Some executives have careers that make it virtually impossible to meet or deliver every week. As-needed writer’s coaching allows writers to have more control of our meeting times. We meet whenever you have written a chapter. Clear here to get more information on this option. Click here to learn about group coaching.

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