Divorce, Loss of a loved one, Domestic Abuse, Alcoholism, Substance Excess, Depression, Loneliness, Fear, Child Abuse, Health Issues, Money Issues are all good reasons to find yourself in a rut. Do you feel paralyzed with no vision of the future? Once traumatic experiences occur in our lives, it is natural to lose our equilibrium. In some cases, therapy may be required but in other cases, having a life coach can offer a new approach. I offer compassionate rigor that may get messy but it will get you into action and closer to the life that you want.

My 3, 6 or 12-month coaching experiences are for those ready to see results in their lives. I listen deeply, question powerfully, and encourage you to trust yourself and your words to get to the core of your feelings. This is rigorous work that calls for your honesty, openness, and hunger for the life you deserve. Sliding scale pricing is available.

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My work over the past three years with Kim has truly been transformational. Participating in her process of discovering, uncovering and shining a light on critical issues impacting me through writing and subsequent discussion, has immeasurably changed my life for the better. Finding my truth and then living it in an honest manner has come to pass with the help of Kim’s caring but firm hand. My journey with her has been about getting “unstuck,” moving forward, and maintaining that momentum. She has helped me manifest the best version of myself with courage, grace and dignity; characteristics she has in abundance.

L. Samurovich

If you are ready to reclaim your life, let’s make it happen.