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    This sentiment can be debilitating and downright cruel to say to a writer. It’s equivalent to “no one buys records anymore.” The truth is that both are extremely FALSE! We are living in the information age. People are reading all day long on their phones and laptops and kindles, but they have never stopped reading! Writers who are discouraged by this sentiment should just spent 20 minutes on their phones to see how much reading and comprehension is required.

    The transformation that readers receive from reading is something that will never die. Readers want to read about themselves and only we, writers have the power to give the people what they need, whether a writer delivers transformation through fictional characters or memoirs where they share their perspective and actual experiences. If what the world needs now is empathy and compassion, how can writers bring it? How will we learn about people different than ourselves if we don’t have the opportunity to read about them?

    Reading is not dead it has just taken on new ways of delivering the magic that only writers can deliver.


    Perhaps a very short book. But for a longer work, in my humble opinion, no. And if it were possible, it would be a very skeletal first draft. I say that because I know how much time it takes for a writer to feel that their work is good enough for public consumption. There are so many things to consider: The author’s fears and insecurities (which I tackle right away), What the audience will walk away with, how the work will impact the writer, and is the message powerful and positive enough to push humanity one step forward. This may sound lofty but don’t be intimidated by the power writers hold in their hands. ALL books have the potential to do all of those things, whether it is a thriller, science fiction, spy novel, memoir, novel or non-fiction. The author intuitively knows what they need and what the world needs. In my humble opinion, a writer dishonors the writer’s mission to relegate this important work to one weekend.


    It doesn’t take SO long, but definitely longer than a weekend. Several of my writers have completed their manuscripts in 35 weeks! Starting with my 11-week experience and extending to a 6-month renewal, several have been completed and that kind of dedication is an incredible thing to witness!

    The 35-week finishers are those who embrace the outline process and all of the “thinking” that is required to sail through your chapters. The 35-weekers are writers who show up every week with a new chapter in hand. Even if they are driving across country with their mother. (True story!) It is for writers who understand the need for the revision process and make all of it a priority.

    Not everyone can finish in 35 weeks which is perfectly fine. Some books take longer but that is because when writing a book, you must go at your own pace. But my commitment to all of my writers is to bring awareness to their bad habits, inspire them to keep going when they think they can’t go on, and to free them to write a book that THEY love. And of course, writing a book has many steps. Sometimes the production details make the writing seem like child’s play. There is the editing, the proofreading, the production schedule, the cover art, back art, and even spine. And then there is the marketing, collecting the raves from readers, etc. So, in conclusion, if you serious about writing a book, we both know that it’s not a weekend thang.


    Well you can.. but if you truly have something to say to the world, you wouldn’t want to resort to either one. Ghostwriters are very expensive, even those not hired by a huge publishing houses. When I had a New York agent, she recommended that I start charging $175, 000 at the least! Just to clarify, the enormous amount of energy it takes for you to tell your life story to someone else and have them interpret it through their own lens and then try to regurgitate it by trying to unravel your story can be a very disappointing process for all involved. Sometimes, the ghostwriter/subject collaboration fits like a glove. Other times it doesn’t.

    From my experience, there are three types of people who seek a ghostwriter:

    The first type wants it all. They want to say they have written a book, but don’t have the courage to do the work that it takes.

    The second type claims they are too busy to write a book. And often they are, but we all know that we make time and money for what we really want. I have worked with entertainers, doctors, lawyers, and corporate executives – who can be busier than them? But they knew what they wanted…and they continue to make it happen.

    The third type has no confidence in their writing ability. However, I say if writing really resonates with you and you have a meaningful story to tell, anyone can learn the fundamentals of writing a book. (First, you have to read). The rest can be taught and PRACTICED. A book is your personal masterpiece, but it will never be perfect. Once you realize that, I ask you to try. You will never discover your talent until you sit down and write with confidence, faith, and expert guidance from….me!

    If you are one of these types. Confess.


    You can’t, but you can work through it. Writer’s block happens to all of us. A writer has to first decide the origin of their block. Your sudden inability to create could be caused by distractions from work, family, finances, etc. It is perfectly normal to have to put down your project if life is calling you. However, writer’s block often strikes when a writer comes to a roadblock in the writing because they don’t know where to go next. And that is where having someone who is familiar with your story and your intention can brainstorm with you, teasing out new and unexpected scenarios. That type of freestyle discussion often can get your mind revving again. As a writing coach, I have helped my clients significantly by identifying where their work shows that they are struggling and offering specific suggestions based on what I see could be causing the roadblock in the text. There are many hacks to beating writer’s block, (writing prompts, morning pages, etc) but it usually involves stepping away from it for a short time which is often the effortless magic trick. Otherwise, having someone (like me) who is as invested in your outcome as you are, is the surefire way to get your synapses firing again. Call me if you are stuck in your pages


    An Agent should be the next cheerleader on your team. It is important that you trust them, have seen their success with other titles like yours and it is important to see who their professional contacts are. They also must have a vision for the book, not just love it! Seeking an agent can be a process as it is crucial that you trust them and feel that they really believe in your book. This takes time. You must interview them as much as they will be interviewing you. Once you find an agent who is excited about your work, they will work closely with you to make the book as commercially palatable as possible which may mean additional edits and changes to what you thought was a finished manuscript. Knowing market trends like they do, they may suggest what is missing and what needs to go. Their ultimate job is to find a publisher who will also love and be a cheerleader within the publishing house.

    The Publishing house will have had many lunches and cocktails with your agent about your book. Once the deal is done, they will purchase your book and help market it. Be aware that when your book is sold, it gives the publishing house a significant say in the creative aspects of your work. Traditionally, publishers took care of all of your marketing, book tours, and appearances. The current book deals include much smaller advances and require that you participate significantly in the visibility work that has to be done. They may ask you about how many followers you have, and any connections you have to help you arrange your own appearances. This of course is for first-time authors who have not established a name for themselves. This changes dramatically if you are a celebrity or have an “influencer” profile.


    This is a very interesting question for today’s authors. Traditional publishing was known as the ultimate validation for a writer. It has been thought of as the only legitimate proof of an author’s talent. However, the world has changed, and the “gatekeepers” of the past were unfortunately not very inclusive of certain voices, styles, cultural experiences, etc. Enter Self-publishing which has become a major antidote to the elongated process (2-3 years) of getting a book published.

    Personally, I see self-publishing as a way to prove that you have what it takes to complete and produce a book which becomes something tangible to prove that you are worthy…for traditional publishers. Now that the floodgates have opened, there are hundreds of thousands self-published authors out there; some talented, others, not so much. In fact, in 2023, 500,000 self-published books were released. (Who says that no one reads anymore!) A self-published author can luxuriate in their independence, ability to preserve their creative voice, and not be hung up on “what the public wants,” which often is inaccurate. The world is full of individuals. It’s impossible to please everyone but there are always readers who will want to read what you have written.

    The bottom-line difference is:
    Traditional Publishing (agent then publisher) 1) Takes much longer, years in fact 2) Takes a lot of your creative freedom away once you receive the advance, (which are getting smaller and smaller) 3) Works much better if you already have a huge platform through your profession or social media presence. 4) Goes faster and is more lucrative if you are already famous (i.e Robert Downey Jr’s new book about food and the environment: Cool Food: Erasing Your Carbon Footprint one bite at a time.

    Self-publishing 1) Costs…but is affordable. 2) It doesn’t take long to have your book in hand within months of completing it. 3) You don’t have to buy a large quantity of books that you store in your garage. Thanks to print-on-demand, each book that is ordered, will be produced and mailed to your buyer automatically. 4) You have the power to market to the people you know will be interested in your topic, no matter the niche. 4) If you own a business, it is the perfect investment to legitimize your business and your philosophy.

    The great news is that whether you publish through Self-publishing or Traditional publishing, your book will have the same legitimacy. It will be registered with the Library of Congress, have an ebook, be available online at and Barnes and etc. It can also be sold on your website and the best part is you get the majority of the proceeds. If you want to do giveaways, donate to your favorite cause, schedule your own appearances, etc…you’re the boss!

    Publishing can be an overwhelming proposition and if you are still stuck trying to figure it out, please contact me and set up a consultation. I look forward to hearing from you.


    It takes consistency to form a habit. Just like achieving excellence in sports, you have to practice regularly. Writers who consistently attend their weekly sessions and turn in a chapter every week, finish faster and find it easier to keep their creative momentum going from week-to-week. Those who take breaks, often never see the finish line.
    Writing = Commitment.


    Each of my writing experiences allows for three missed sessions per six months, when you reschedule within the same week, when possible there is no consequence. If a client has an emergency or an unavoidable conflict (i.e doctor’s appointment, family obligation, illness, etc) I only ask that you tell me in advance (when possible) and reschedule in the same week to keep you on track.

    Any cancellations after your granted three in six months, your credit card on file will be charged $200.00 per missed session, if you plan to recoup the sessions that you missed and did not reschedule within the same week. (Exceptions always apply)

    If you do not complete the amount of sessions that you initially purchased, due to your cancellations, you will be at a disadvantage and will fall behind. Last-minute cancellations are not refundable and they are still counted as one of your purchased sessions! Think before you cancel.


    As I coach, I take my responsibility to get you to The End very seriously. If you are as serious as I am about your goal, you will understand that these “rules” are not to penalize, they are to make you aware of the need for your full engagement.

    I will add that the clients that make our weekly sessions a priority, finish their books. Those who do not, struggle to finish and sometimes give up. I am your resource to make it happen. Take advantage of it!


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  • How much does coaching cost?

    My team prides itself on being a unique boutique that is committed to promoting self-expression, creativity, and healing through writing for its clients. You will notice that the only fixed price on the website is $1,500 for the three times a year, 11-week Group Coaching Programs that focus on Fiction, Memoir, and Non-Fiction works. Those who participate in the Group Coaching Experiences are invited to continue working for an additional 6-months to complete their book. These writers are offered this experience at a greatly reduced price.

    All other individual coaching programs have varying price points based on each writer’s speed and commitment to get to The End. The individual coaching agreements offer a choice of 9, 12 or 18 months. Of course, the price point changes based on the length of the agreement.

    You will also notice that we offer sliding scale pricing for Write-to-Heal Life Coaching because we are more invested in supporting your life’s progress than you not having access to support because of cost.

    For writing, copywriting, and workshops, those prices vary based on scope of work or size of audience.

    All that to say, if you are ready for transformation creatively, professionally or emotionally and think that cost will be a barrier, call me anyway. We will make it happen.