Writing Workshops

I lead writing workshops for small to medium-sized corporate groups that grant employees permission to be honest in their communications as it pertains to their work. In the past, this would be counterintuitive to how employees feel they need to be for their employer. However, I have been pleased and inspired to see that in the universal pursuit of authenticity and truth, employers are wanting their employees to find their voices in the context of the workplace.

My writing workshops support employees in finding their authentic editorial voice for assigned blog posts or opinion pieces for company newsletters, etc. In general, my trainings provide the mental lubrication for corporate writers to find comfort in their own expression which ultimately makes them happier and more productive employees.

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Workshops include:

  • Blog writing workshops
  • Finding One’s Creative Voice workshops
  • Personal Essay workshops
  • Internal Communication Workshops
  • Leadership Communication Workshops
  • Conception of Editorial Direction for new company newsletter development
  • Tailor-Made Workshops for your unique needs and hopes for your staff